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Our Values


Our Values drive us, the partnerships we take on, and the people who work with us.

Our Values

Good Natured.

Our Values drive us, the partnerships we take on, and the people who work with us.


Kate Shaughnessy

Partner, CEO

I have always been a dreamer, so it makes sense that I live and work in a world where they are a must. Driving all of the pragmatic people in my life nuts, but having a dream and making it real is what makes my insides smile. Much of my life has been inspired by Ruth Handler’s creation of Barbie showing girls they had choices—that they could be anything. I grew up believing this, applying this change the world thinking to everything I do and make.

Kate’s Favorite Work Jam


Buzz Miller

Partner, Co-Chief Creativity Officer

Graphic design had a huge influence on me when I was a young BMXer and skateboarder in the late 70s to mid 80s. The brands that I studied were in all of the skateboard and BMX mags. The fun California action sports lifestyle hooked me. I soon realized that what caught my eye was the graphic design of the logos, the ads – as well as the clothes and apparel that sponsored all of my heroes. Vans is one of them. Vans started out as a simple deck shoe that skateboarders trusted. Not only were they handmade in California, they were sturdy and inexpensive. The brand stood the test of time as a shoe that is easily recognizable from every angle and still very relevant and functional to this day. I brought my two sons up wearing them, and we three still wear them proudly to this day.

Buzz’s Favorite Work Jam


Steve DiMeo

Partner, Co-Chief Creativity Officer

Throughout my 35+ years in advertising, I realized that my passion was in creating an emotional connection between a brand and customers. It’s why I have a real affinity for my creative muse, Charlie Chaplin. His magical power was getting people laughing out loud, while creating empathy and pathos. No matter what the situation, his “little tramp” connected with audiences and compelled them to feel. That takes true passion in the work, and it’s what I strive for.

Steve’s Favorite Work Jam


Samantha Locke

Director, Account Management

I’ve always been a lover of fashion and pop culture, especially as a kid growing up in the 90s. And what represents a cultural phenomenon merged with a fashion icon reminiscent of that decade better than a Princess Di Beanie Baby? Staying on top of current trends and capitalizing on them from a marketing perspective is one of my passions and keeps me continuously inspired. My former experience working in the fashion industry gives me a unique perspective on how to connect with consumers and make brands desirable. No matter what industry I’m working in, I thrive on getting things done and bringing ideas to life. Who knows, maybe cataloging my Beanie Baby collection all those years ago helped set me up to become the well-organized account director I am today.

Sam’s Favorite Work Jam

Our Branches.

We’ve been incredibly lucky to have found the right partners to make good things happen for our clients. Besides our network of consultants and freelance talent, we have several close working relationships with these great collaborators.